JS Beautifier

About JS Beautifier

This simple and free JavaScript beautifier tool is used to format and beautify JavaScript code. It takes JavaScript code that may be difficult to read or understand due to poor formatting and restructures it according to standard and more readable formats.

What are the features of this JS Beautifier?

  • It can be utilized to format your JavaScript code, which can enhance their structure and appearance.
  • This tool allows you to open an JavaScript file (with extensions .js or .txt) from your device as input.
  • This tool is designed to optimize the workflow for working with JavaScript. You can expand the editor to full screen to maximize workspace while editing JavaScript code.
  • This JS Beautifier tool works well on both desktop and mobile devices, including popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and more.

How to use this JS Beautifier tool?

Here are the steps to use it:

  1. Paste or type your JavaScript code that you want to beautify.
  2. Select the desired options, you can choose the indentation level and print width.
  3. Click the Format / Beautify button.
  4. The beautified JavaScript code will be displayed in the output box.
  5. You can copy the beautified code by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button or download it as a file by clicking the Download button.